Craig has been in the construction industry in various roles for the past 30 plus years. He has built custom residential homes , remodeled restaurants, repaired and built barns. Craig has been a laborer to project manager of  multi million dollar projects and everything in between. His gifting in this industry is to see problems and find solutions. with inspections he has a great eye for detail and assessment.

Here at Pro Inspections we take pride in performing accurate and professional inspection services. We use a web based format that you will have within 24 hours or sooner from the start of the inspection. We also offer hard copies if preferred and will email it to as many people as you need us to.

 As a part of our professional service we will also come back for a re - inspection of any issues that arise and needed to be fixed. We do this as a service to all our customers as a reassurance of the house being safe.     Most inspections take between 1.5-3 hours to complete depending on the size of the dwelling. We then take all our notes and pictures back to the office and put it into an easy to read but comprehensive format.

  We are just a phone call away with any questions queries or concerns of what may or may not have come up in the inspection report. We are competitive in our pricing but we know our work  our time and skill is worth the professional service.  

  For many years as an estimator and project manager we can accurately give you estimates on all construction work required. We have an extensive knowledge of local and international building codes and can provide you the contractors and or handyman required to get your property repaired.

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