In the Home and light Commercial industry there are two main standards of practice commonly used through out the United States. Some states vary, most inspectors stay in the boundaries of these guidelines or exceed them.

  The standards of practice are what you can expect from your home inspector.

  Look over the contratcs we use feel free to print them off for your review. Here at Craigs pro inspections we are licensed and insured.


ASHI Code of Ethics For the Home Inspection Profession. This has been the longest and most respected industry standard. it is comprehensive in what an inspector should and shouldnt do.


Below is the website for ASHI to review the full standards of practice for residential home inspectors. it is very comprehensive, this will show you what we here at Pro Inspections follow.






ASTM standards of practice are universally used throught the United States for light commercial inspections.


ASTM E2018 - 08 

Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process


These are similar to the residential guidelines but the differ in what is inspected. you should always before the inspection read through the contract of what the inspector will and wont do.

These down loadable contracts are for your revision so you know what you are receieving in your inspection.

Residential Standards
Light Commercial

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